Ford Motorcraft Products


Motorcraft® Climate-Control Components

When servicing customers’ air conditioning systems, choose Motorcraft® climate-control components. They offer quality at a great value and are the only climate-control components recommended by Ford Motor Company. Available products include:
• Manifold and tube assemblies
• Accumulators and receiver dryers
• Hoses, liquid and suction lines, O-rings
• Expansion, vacuum check and pressure relief valves
• Condensers and evaporators
• Cooling fans
• Temperature control sensors
• A/C switches


Motorcraft® Batteries

Microprocessor-controlled welding
Intercell weld helps ensure longer battery life

Polypropylene cover and container
Heat-sealed to prevent leaks; strong impact-resistant material

Positive grid
Optimized for conductivity; fully framed for excellent growth and short resistance

Enhanced life alloy
Grid alloy helps increase cycle life, improve performance and reduce water consumption

Envelope separators
Help protect plates and reduce shorts


Motorcraft® Belts

Polyester cords : Resist stretching, minimize slippage and provide excellent performance with short adjustment drives

Laminated edge : Die-cut edge design provides quiet, efficient operation

Deterioration resistance : Stands up to grease, oil, dirt and high temperatures

V-Ribbed Belts
• Drive numerous engine accessories, including alternator, water pump, cooling fan, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump
• Require less energy to bend around the pulleys
• Provide more efficient transfer of horsepower from the belt to the accessory
• Can be used in conjunction with standard belts to drive individual accessories for the same engine
• Recommended by Ford Motor Company

Cog Belts
• Flexes easily around the smallest pulley
• Helps preserve belt strength
• Helps eliminate rough edges present on cut-cog designed belts
• Provides quiet operation


Motorcraft® Super Duty Brake Pads

• Engineered specifically for vehicles that are frequently exposed to high-heat and high-wear conditions, such as trailer-towing and fleet delivery vehicles, taxis and shuttles
• Designed to provide maximum performance under the worst braking conditions
Minimal heat-fade in severe braking conditions
• On-vehicle tested to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Ford Test Standards for lining life, noise and dust
• Backing plate design increases bonding strength between pad and backing plate
• Advanced multiple-layer shim design helps reduce noise and improve sound-abatement qualities
• Slots engineered to help improve heat and water dissipation by providing a path for gases, wear debris and water to escape from between the pad and rotor surface
• Chamfers engineered to reduce the possibility of excessive noise during severe braking and initial break-in period
• Low brake noise
• All recommended hardware is included in the box for quick installation


Motorcraft® Heavy-Duty Shocks

• Available for most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, light trucks and vans
• Calibrated and valved to deliver excellent stability and ride comfort
• Help suspension resist vehicle sway on curves and sharp turns
• Reduce wheel bounce
• Engineered to bring back a smooth ride
• Provide consistent control for improved safety


Motorcraft® Chemicals

The Motorcraft® chemicals line includes coolants, oils, lubricants, cleaners, solvents and much, much more. No matter what the solution, Motorcraft® mixes quality materials, product integrity and customer satisfaction. That’s why they’re the only chemicals recommended by Ford Motor Company.


Motorcraft® Sealers and Adhesives

• Rapid-curing instant adhesive
• Gel formula won’t run or drip
• Excellent resistance to humidity and harsh weather conditions
• Can be used on metals, wood, paper, fabrics, leather, rubber, ceramics and most plastics
• May also be used on dashboard panels, vacuum lines, loose trim, emblems and loose vinyl body side moldings
• Recommended by Ford Motor Company for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
• Available in 0.06-fluid-oz. tubes


Motorcraft® Diesel Additives

  • Helps prevent fuel gelling in fuel lines, filters and tanks
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improves cold-weather starting
  • Smoothes engine operation
  • ULSD compliant
  • Adds lubricity to fuel for reduced engine wear

Motorcraft® Alternators

• Dual internal cooling fans provide reliability during extreme temperatures
• Slip rings and brushes are designed for reduced wear to help provide longer service life
• Remote battery voltage sensing helps improve voltage accuracy and extend battery life
• Performance- and insulation-tested to 600 volts
• Help provide your customers with reliable performance and long-term durability
• Never reverse-engineered, which helps ensure proper fit and easier installation
• Failure mode effect (FME) management diagnostics help provide early warning of potential system problems